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How Much Does Rolls Royce Phantom Hire Cost in Leicester?

Hello, and welcome to Phantom Hire UK's comprehensive guide on hiring a Rolls Royce Phantom in Leicester. As a premier booking service specialising in Rolls Royce cars for weddings, proms, corporate events, and special occasions, we understand that cost is a crucial factor in your decision-making process. Let's delve into the specifics to give you a clear idea of what to expect.

Factors Influencing the Cost

The cost of hiring a Rolls Royce Phantom can vary based on several factors. Here are some key elements that influence the pricing:

  • Duration of Hire
  • Distance Travelled
  • Type of Event
  • Additional Services

Duration of Hire

The length of time you require the Rolls Royce Phantom will significantly impact the cost. For instance, a few hours for a wedding ceremony will cost less compared to an all-day hire for a corporate event.

Distance Travelled

Another important factor is the distance that needs to be covered. Longer distances will naturally incur higher costs due to fuel expenses and additional time for the chauffeur.

Type of Event

The type of event also plays a role in determining the price. Wedding hires often include added services such as decoration and photography, which may affect the overall cost.

Additional Services

At Phantom Hire UK, we offer a range of additional services such as champagne, red carpet treatment, and personalised decorations. These extras can enhance your experience but will also add to the cost.

Average Cost in Leicester

In Leicester, the average cost of hiring a Rolls Royce Phantom can range from £500 to £1500. However, it is essential to consider the specific requirements of your event to get a more accurate estimate.

How to Book with Phantom Hire UK

Booking a Rolls Royce Phantom with us is straightforward. Simply visit our website, select your desired vehicle, and fill out the booking form with your event details. Our team will get in touch to finalise the arrangements and provide you with a tailored quote.

Why Choose Phantom Hire UK?

We pride ourselves on offering a seamless and luxurious experience. Our fleet of Rolls Royce Phantoms is meticulously maintained, and our chauffeurs are professional and courteous. We aim to make your special occasion truly memorable.

Customer Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say:

  • "An unforgettable experience! The car was stunning, and the service was impeccable." - Sarah, Leicester
  • "Highly recommend Phantom Hire UK for any special event. The attention to detail was second to none." - James, Leicester

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Ready to book your Rolls Royce Phantom in Leicester? Contact us today to get a customised quote and make your event extraordinary.

Summary of Costs and Services

Rolls Royce Phantom Hire Costs and Services in Leicester
Factor Details
Duration of Hire £500 - £1500
Distance Travelled Varies based on mileage
Type of Event Weddings, Proms, Corporate Events
Additional Services Champagne, Red Carpet, Decorations

Hiring a Rolls Royce Phantom in Leicester is an investment in luxury and elegance. At Phantom Hire UK, we are committed to providing you with a first-class experience tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to make your special event unforgettable.

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